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Cost-effective high-temperature air atmosphere applications

The 1500 Series Fast Response Conveyor Furnace from SCHMID is designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the highest quality and consistency. This furnace can heat from ambient to 850°C in less than 20 minutes, and is designed to sustain periodic on/off heating and cooling cycles resulting from alternating periods of production and non-use. Technologically advanced heating elements and control systems work together to create exceptionally stable temperature uniformity and repeatability throughout the process chamber. Multiple tiers of graded, power-saving insulation keep energy bills low, even at the highest processing temperatures.

SCHMID’s innovative atmosphere distribution and management systems eliminate thermal shock. Thorough extraction of burn-off effluents across the entire chamber width keeps part yields high. Integrated burn-off condensate entrapment and collection systems inhibit process fluctuation and contamination.

SCHMID’s intuitive HMI is included as standard equipment on the Fast Response Conveyor Furnace. The Furnace Monitoring System (FMS) is the culmination of decades of thermal processing expertise, and incorporates the latest technology in digital controls and monitoring systems. The result is a powerful yet intuitive interface with comprehensive data logging, process control, and process characterization features. On-line help and remote diagnostic tools are also available to keep the furnace performing at its peak day after day, year after year.


  • Thick film firing of noble metals
  • Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC)
  • Hybrid Integrated Circuit Firing
  • Silver Sintering
  • Annealing of thin films on glass
  • Other high-temperature air atmosphere applications
  • Precisely distributed air introduction and exhaust insure a consistently clean and uniform atmosphere
  • Heating element control features maximize temperature flexibility and uniformity
  • Reliable conveyor belt and drive systems accommodate a wide range of loading configurations
  • Many optional features available
  • Customizable to meet specific processing requirements
  • World class HMI with built in profiling, data and event logging, and touchscreen interface

Maximum temperature rating:

  • 1050° C


  • Ceramic fiber block with embedded resistive wire heating elements


  • Free and forced convection/conduction
  • Both air and water as standard

 Conveyor belt:

  • Widths: 6 – 82 inches (150 – 2100 mm)
  • Clearance above: 1 – 8 inches (25 – 200 mm)