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High purity diffusion, annealing and oxidation

The diffusion furnace HTF is equipped with up to 4 individually controllable tubes. The loading and unloading of boats in the tubes is done automatically by loading units. One boat is loaded into a tube per cycle. A boat can be filled with 500 wafers with back-to-back loading. After the drive-in and the heat-up step, the process starts with a temperature stabilization. After that, nitrogen is used as carrier gas for the POCl3 liquid. An additional oxidation steps follows to finish the process. After the set time the diffusion tube is opened for subsequent unloading.

  • Very homogeneous and reproducible emitter formation
  • Up to 4 independently operated quartz tubes provide redundancy/high uptime
  • Digital process and temperature control for each process tube
  • Back-to-back loading possible
  • Available as a fully automated system including automated boat loading
  • Water cooling system to prevent the mutual interference of the tubes
  • Configurable for both POCl3 diffusion as well as high-temperature step for CO diffusion


  • 500 wafers per tube (back-to-back)
  • Internal profile thermocouple dedicated to each zone
  • Temperature stability over time
  • Water cooled elements for superior temperature stability
  • Soft landing feature