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In-line processing with dynamic Near-IR heat

The 7500 Infrared Lamp Furnace from SCHMID is an evolving part of our equipment portfolio with decades of proven performance and reliability. These furnaces are designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the highest quality and consistency. They are rated to 1000 °C for maximum process flexibility and heat with penetrating short wavelength energy.

The 7500’s technologically advanced tungsten filament elements can be configured in multiple ways to create adjacent control zones with very different temperatures. This feature makes it possible to widely vary control zone lengths and temperature ramp rates. In addition, rapid temperature rise rates can reduce processing times resulting in a smaller equipment footprint. Graduated cooling sections can also be custom designed to accommodate the most dynamic cooling requirements. Several atmosphere control and transport options are also available.

The Furnace Monitoring System (FMS) is the culmination of decades of thermal processing expertise, and incorporates the latest technology in digital controls and monitoring systems. The result is a powerful yet intuitive interface with comprehensive data logging, process control, and process characterization features. Online help and remote diagnostic tools are also available to keep the furnace performing at its peak day after day, year after year.


  • Package sealing
  • Metallization firing
  • Curing of films or coatings
  • Custom applications requiring dynamic thermal profiles
  • Flexible heating zone sizes and zone-to-zone differentiation for dynamic temperature profiles
  • Short (near infrared) wavelength heat source
  • Reliable conveyor belt and roller drive systems accommodate a wide range of loading configurations
  • Many optional features available
  • Afterburner for process exhaust treatment available
  • World class HMI with built in profiling, data and event logging,  and touchscreen interface

Maximum temperature rating:

  • 1000° C

Atmosphere Control

  • Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Oxygen and combinations of these


  • Quartz tube tungsten infrared lamp


  • Free and forced convection/conduction
  • Both air and water configurations available as standard

 Conveyor belt:

  • Widths: 6 – 40 inches (150 – 1000 mm)
  • Clearance above: 1 – 3 inches (25 – 76 mm)
  • Roller transport also available