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As part of a cooperation with ARBURG the SCHMID Group will present the interlinking of an injection molding machine with the montrac® system at the Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen (Oct. 13 – Oct. 17) at booth 5205 in hall 5. With the so-called “shuttles” (trucks) of the montrac® system, plastic components are transported particularly shock-free and quickly.

Live demonstration at the Fakuma

ARBURG and SCHMID, two innovative companies from the Black Forest, show with their cooperation how a modern and highly efficient automation of the process chain of injection molding systems works. The ARBURG machine, an ALLROUNDER 320 S, working with an 8-cavity mold, will produce transport rolls at the booth 5205 (hall A5) that are used, for instance, in wet process systems of the photovoltaics industry. The finished parts are removed with a robot gripper from SCHMID Technology Systems GmbH and are deposited on the SCHMID montrac® System which performs the further transport of the injection-molded parts.

Intelligent system for maximized material throughput

montrac® Shuttles can transport products with a weight of up to 30 kg, they reach a transport speed of up to 55m/min, and thanks to the intelligent communication and control via infrared, they autonomously reach their destination on the branched monorail system. This allows to run products individually on different routes on one system and thus to realize different process flows with the same machines. This results in a maximized material throughput, minimum cycle times and maximum system stability.

Another advantage of the montrac® system is its electrostatic discharge capability, through which it is electromagnetically compatible and particularly suitable for the transport of electronics.

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montrac® System interlinks injection molding machines
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