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SCHMID Group introduces a 200 kg Transport System on Monorails

08.06.2016 | RSS Feed

  • World premiere at the Automatica in Munich: June 21 to 24, 2016 – in hall A5, stand 320

Confined space conditions, cost pressure and quality requirements in the manufacturing industry mean increasingly complex challenges for the industry with regard to intralogistics and automation systems. Internal transport systems in the segment up to 200 kg usually require considerable space to safely transport loads. With a world premiere for intralogistics up to 200 kg payload SCHMID puts an end to this situation: The montrac® Industrial Shuttle 200 links production, assembly and logistics processes with monorails on which self-propelled shuttles bring goods from one station to the next – automatically, reliably and around the clock. Waiting times due to loading or downtimes as with free-running AGV (automated guided vehicle systems) can be omitted.

The monorail system montrac® is extremely space saving and efficient due to very small curve radii and track switches. In addition to the compact construction, the system does not require an enclosure. Thanks to its modular design it is infinitely expandable and also extremely flexible since the system can be adapted to modified processes at any time. The space required occupies only a fraction compared to conveyor systems. The shuttles (transport vehicles) are designed for customer-specific product carriers, on which a separate power supply is available. Thus the most different applications such as turning stations, test systems or conveyor belts can be installed.

Currently, many speak of industry 4.0. The Industrial Shuttle 200 is Industry 4.0: The application range extends from the linking of individual systems to a complete factory automation. In conjunction with the Material Flow Controller the transport movements are constantly monitored and the montrac system is optimally utilized. The shuttles communicate with each other via infrared signals and adjust their routing appropriately via integrated Smart Technology even during ongoing operation. Via standard interfaces montrac® can interact independently with additional systems or third-party components.

Sven Worm, Managing Director of SCHMID Technology Systems GmbH: “There is an enormous potential for the newly developed Industrial Shuttle 200. With more than 1,500 successful installations worldwide we have been automating processes since 1996 in the most different industries with loads up to max. 50 kg. The new development of the Industrial Shuttle 200 allows us to profit of the many benefits of the monorail system montrac® – now with loads that are 4 times higher as before. A revolution on the intralogistics market!”

Particularly interesting: With its speed of 20 m/min the Industrial Shuttle 200 is two to three times faster than transport systems so far available on the market. And it remains fully accessible: Several sensors, the casing of the shuttle axes and the low voltage of 24 resp. 48 volts make a barrier superfluous. “Thus the system is not only more space efficient and faster, but also safer and less error-prone than internal transport systems that are controlled by navigation,” says Sven Worm.

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