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With its montrac® system the SCHMID Group interlinks injection molding machines of Magna Mirrors with the storage system

13.10.2015 | RSS Feed

Magna Mirrors, a global supplier to the automobile industry and one of the largest producers of automobile mirror systems, has placed an order with the SCHMID Group for the interlinking of its injection molding machines with the storage technology.

At Magna Mirrors in Dorfprozelten, Germany, the montrac® System serves to interlink injection molding machines (fully automated) with an automated storage system and the corresponding assembly cells.

montrac® Shuttles can transport products with a weight of up to 30 kg, they reach a transport speed of up to 55 m/min and, thanks to the intelligent communication and control via infrared, they autonomously reach their destination on the branched monorail system. The use of montrac® results in a maximum material throughput, minimum cycle times and maximum system stability.

The SCHMID Technology Systems GmbH in Niedereschach, Germany, is looking forward to a good cooperation with Magna Mirrors and Mr. Hudalla, the local contact.

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