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Motek: New Transport System for the Assembly

01.08.2016 | RSS Feed

  • Intelligent transport system for payloads up to 200 kg meets all requirements in terms of ergonomics, safety and flexibility

Already more than a century ago Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in his factories, and so increased the production by eight times. Even today transport systems offer huge savings potential in the assembly, which is only rarely exploited in the segment up to 200 kg payload. And when it is, then most transport systems are designed for larger loads. This works. But not properly.

At the Motek in Stuttgart (hall 4, stand 4533) SCHMID now presents a transport system that puts an end to this situation: The montrac® Industrial Shuttle 200 travels on monorails, is designed for payloads up to 200 kg and meets all requirements in terms of ergonomics, safety and flexibility.

The monorail system montrac® is extremely space saving and efficient thanks to very small curve radii and track switches. The space required occupies only a fraction compared to conveyor belt systems. Based on its modular design a specific arrangement of the assembly stations – such as a U-shaped line – can be easily realized.

Each shuttle has its own drive, which is fed by two parallel busbars on the monorail. With its speed of 20 m/min, it is up to 4 times faster than the transport systems that are currently available on the market. If a shuttle fails it can be removed from the monorail very quickly. Waiting periods due to charge times or downtimes as with automatic guided vehicles (AGV) can be avoided.

The shuttles are designed for customer specific product carriers on which a separate power supply is available. In this way the end-of-line functional testing of an instrument panel, for instance, can be done already during transport, which saves time and above all additional handling.

With over 1,500 installations montrac® counts among the most successful transportation systems worldwide. Since 1996 it has automated processes in the most different industries with loads up to 50 kg. With the development of the Industrial Shuttle 200 SCHMID brings the benefits of the transport system now to 4 times higher loads and thus to new applications such as the assembly of engines, car seats or refrigerators.

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