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Come to the Motek 2015 and convince yourself live of the benefits of the SCHMID automation and transportation systems

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On the occasion of the Motek 2015 in Stuttgart (Oct. 05 – Oct. 08) the SCHMID Group will present its flexible and cost-saving automation and transportation solutions at booth 5312 in hall 5.

These range from single systems to complete factory automation and are based on a modular system. This allows us to offer a variety of different technology solutions in the highest standardized quality and uniform design with only a few standardized parts or assemblies, and to customize these according to the individual needs of our customers or to the market-specific requirements.

The smart and powerful Montrac transport system

Montrac shuttles can transport products with a weight of up to 50 kg, they reach a speed of up to 55m/min, and thanks to the intelligent communication and control via infrared, they autonomously reach their destination on the branched monorail system. This results in a maximized material throughput, minimum cycle times and maximum system stability.

Montrac at the Motek 2015

With the help of a Montrac demo loop SCHMID presents its modular Montrac transport system at booth 5312 in hall 5, performing a gentle and low-wear movement of the shuttles on a conducting monorail, thus enabling an efficient cross-linking of industrial production, assembly and logistics processes.

On the occasion of the Motek also get to know our new FlexTrac rails for Montrac. With these rails the shuttles can bridge height differences with gradients of up to 12 degrees in a cost-saving and flexible manner.

Also suitable for clean rooms

Thanks to its targeted design the Montrac transport system is successfully used in clean room class ISO 4. Every detail, such as simple geometrical shapes or enclosed housings with maintenance-free components and the absence of pneumatic components, contributes to the clean room suitability. The inductive power supply of the shuttles also avoids the generation of particles.

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