Thin Film

Process Solutions for Thin Film Photovoltaics

There are three types of photovoltaic modules: thin film modules, polycrystalline modules and monocrystalline modules. SCHMID offers machines for the production of all module variants

As an alternative to crystalline silicon cells, thin film cells are used which are subdivided into different cell types: amorphous or microcrystalline thin film silicon cells; cadmium telluride based thin film cells and CIGS (a combination of copper, indium, gallium sulfur, selenium). SCHMID offers process equipment for cleaning the substrate and improving the adhesion of the protective layers.

Thin film modules are the lightest modules and are used primarily on very large roof areas. The effect of the modules is constant, i.e. the power remains the same even in low sunlight (low light behavior) or too high temperatures. Due to their flexibility, homogeneous surface and attractive appearance, thin film modules are often integrated as design elements in building facades. Efficiency is on average 8-12 %, but efficiencies of nearly 20 % have been achieved in the laboratory environment. The production costs are slightly lower than with crystalline modules.

In thin film solar technology, the deposition of the semiconductor takes place on a glass substrate – in contrast to crystalline solar technology. The conductive layer is about 100 times thinner than in crystalline technology. Commercial-scale production focuses on c-Si (crystalline silicon) and thin film technology. SCHMID has already installed thin film equipment – wet processes, thermal processes / furnaces and automation for CdTe, CIGS and GaAs – for more than 5 GW. The largest manufacturers of thin film solar modules are among the customers.


SCHMID offers equipment for the cleaning, etching and thermal processes of various thin film processes. The equipment is built individually according to customer specifications and requirements. The systems are available in proven modular design and in various sizes. In addition, the machines are available for all common substrates. The systems are designed for maximum throughput and high productivity with low consumption of consumables and components, which significantly minimizes maintenance. Send your inquiry to Our sales team will be happy to advise you.




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