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Electricity prices for industry and commerce are often determined by power peaks occurring now and then. The highest peak determines the electricity cost for the entire year. With an EverFlow® energy storage system a specific threshold is set in order to cut these peaks. Due to the peak shaving the annual electricity bill can be reduced.

Smart grids ensure a stable grid by balancing energy production and energy consumption. EverFlow® energy storage systems also enable the integration of distributed energy generation.

VRFB energy storage systems for rapid loading of electrical cars. Storing surplus energy from renewables in order to charge an electrical vehicle(s).


Case Study:
Please take a moment and read our press release on our EverFlow Storage Container in the OptiCharge project: “Joint project “OptiCharge” – Self-sufficient charging station for electric vehicles”

Use the EverFlow® energy storage systems as a backup during grid failures in order to keep necessary systems running or to finish a running production batch/process. Avoid expensive production losses and keep your systems running thanks to an EverFlow® energy storage system.

Real-time battery monitoring and short reaction times allow the complex balance of supply and demand.


Case Study:
Unstable Grid – Usage of an energy storage system to keep the grid running in case of a power outage. Use the EverFlow® to finish a running batch and to avoid expensive costs in case of a power outage.


Case Study:
Make advantage of local regulations. Store surplus energy and sell it later when better rates are available.

Store your surplus renewable energy and use it later or secure your operations in case of power outages.


Case Study:

Optimize the usage/consumption of renewable energy:

  • Local consumption of self-produced energy from PV, Wind or CHP’s
  • Raising the level of independency from grid operators or utilities
  • Integration of renewables into the grid (load balancing)
  • Off-Grid operation in the event of grid failure (to avoid data loss or loss of production)
  • Participation at the balancing power market

Ensure energy supply from renewable energy sources and optimized the use of diesel generators, where  no grid is available.
Energy back-up in case of grid failures.


Case Study:

  • Power supply with diesel generators strains the budget and the environment greatly. Using an EverFlow® energy storage system the costs (running costs, refueling costs, maintenance costs) can be reduced and at the same time something positive is done for the environment.
  • The use of a VRFB in combination with renewable energy allows a sustainable and reliable energy supply.
  • Die VRFB is robust and requires minimal maintenance which makes it perfect for off-grid applications such as telecommunication sites.

Your connection for your application.

Stitch connection (Grid parallel)

Island mode (only SC, Back-Up)

Off Grid

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