Fab Design 2020+

High-end PCBs require a new approach to manufacturing. With shrinking structure sizes and substrate thicknesses, traditional processes and machines have reached their limit. Besides new process systems, which can overcome these limitations, factory automation is a key enabler to increase yield and availability of your equipment and reduce your production cost.

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Our solution for the next generation fab
SCHMID – Expect Solutions. In our three global technology centers more than 200 R&D&E experts work on the most innovative technologies that help you boost your productivity. We address the challenges of tomorrow’s applications to ensure that the fab that you are building with our machines produces the most advanced products at the lowest cost. Our goal is a fully integrated smart fab that combines superior processes with advanced automation solutions.


More information about montrac® >www.montratec.com

Higher Quality

  • Integrated with process system
  • Product tracking

Higher Yield

  • Single panel handling
  • ESD protection
  • Particle protection

Lower Cost

  • Improved yield and quality
  • Fast Return on Investment (RoI)
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

Product Handling

The trays were designed to protect thin and ESD sensitive PCBs and substrates during transport. The trays can be stacked and the stack is automatically sealed, preventing contamination when the products are transported or stored.

For the thinnest substrates and the most demanding processes the products are clamped in a carrier frame. The frame enables a 100 % touchless process from both sides. Frames are available or wet and dry processing. Where applicable, products stay in the frames for several processes without ever handling the products or changing the frame.

Transport and storage of sensitive substrates that are mounted in frames. Perfect protection from ESD damage and particle contamination.



The loaders interface with all SCHMID machines and a variety of 3rd party systems to provide reliable product handling, product tracking, and high uptime. The solutions are based on universal robot solutions that can handle ultra thin substrates in horizontal and vertical process systems.



The material flow in your fab, providing materials at the right time at the right place, is the most critical parameter to optimize the uptime and throughput of your process systems. We  understand each machine and each cluster and the interaction within the production flow. Using this know-how we provide smart intralogistics that takes over the material flow in your fab, from incoming material, through sequential processing to final inspection and transport of the finished products back to the warehouse. Depending on the characteristics of the process cluster,
we can use either a monorail system from montrac© or automated guided vehicles (AGV) to transport material through the fab. Both systems interface with our product handling systems for the best handling performance.