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The wafers/cells are transferred between the single process steps either manually or via Montrac system in specially developed SCHMID Carriers. The full Carriers are positioned in the Loader in a row and moved to the transfer position.  Here the wafers/cells are moved out of the carrier cases via an index system and subsequently conveyed to the process equipment. In reverse the Unloader receives the wafers/cells and assures a constant loading of the SCHMID Carriers. For this the wafers/cells are synchronized in rows on speed controlled conveyor belts and successively stored in the empty carrier cases via an index system.

  • Highest throughput on a small footprint
  • Vibration free and safe wafer/cell transport
  • Suitable for different wafer/cell sizes
  • Low breakage rate < 0.1 %
  • Suitable for very thin wafers/cells from 120 µm