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The robot transfers wafers (or cells) from the incoming belt to a various number of tracks between one and five on the outgoing belt – and vice versa.

In addition the wafers can be sorted into trays or can be taken out of trays. Individual belts convey the wafers in and out of the machine, so no conversion is needed for different wafer sizes and a gentle transport is guaranteed.

An integrated camera system detects the position, defects and overlapping wafers. Misaligned wafers will be placed into the correct position and  damaged and overlapping wafers will be removed.

A special Bernoulli-gripper has been developed to enable gentle and contact-free gripping.

  • High Throughput of 4,000 wafers/h
  • Storage in mobile and replaceable boxes
  • Detection of double and broken wafers and removing into a boxes
  • Detection of defect 6”-Wafers and separate removing into boxes offers the possibility to convert the wafers into 5”-Wafers
  • Additional breakage detection and removal at the final track to prevent accumulation in the following process
  • Prepared for diamond wire cut Wafers
  • Easy to maintain because of good accessibility