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Energy Storage Anytime, Anywhere – Easy Integration

SCHMID offers the EverFlow® Compact Storage with a nominal power rating of 5 kW and a storage capacity between 15 and 45 kWh. This makes the battery a perfect solution for private homes, small to medium size businesses, either off-grid or as a backup system. Based on the powerful Vanadium Redox Flow Technology the compact design allows a fast installation and safe operation.

The Compact Storage systems enables you to store the energy produced by photovoltaics, wind turbines or any other source. It makes it possible to use the stored energy whenever it is needed – anytime of the day or in case of a grid failure. You can be more independent of fluctuating electricity prices and use the renewable energy that you produce.

The electrolyte does not self-discharge in the tanks, which is a unique feature of the Vanadium Redox Flow Technology. The electrolyte is based on Vanadium, which is dissolved in a water based solution, making it non-flammable and non-explosive. The electrolyte maintains its value as it can be recycled and reused for new flow batteries.

The Eco-Design, using common industrial components, guarantees easy maintenance and a long expected lifetime of ≥ 20 years. Real-time monitoring and self-diagnosis help optimizing the use of the battery to maximize lifetime, efficiency, and your profit.

  • Attractive price and long asset lifetime
  • Expected lifetime ≥ 10,000 cycles or ≥ 20 years
  • Compact footprint
  • Increased self-consumption of renewable energy
  • Environmentally friendly and safe operation
  • Water based electrolyte: non-flammable and non-explosive

Grid connection:

  • 1-phase AC | 110 V or 230 V
  • Output frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Remote access and monitoring:

  • LAN
  • Operating parameters: SoC, charge-/ discharge power, etc.
  • Modbus RTU (TCP/IP)

Environmental conditions:

  • Average ambient temperature +5 °C to +30 °C
  • Relative humidity 0 – 95 %, non-condensing

Power and capacity:

  • Power: 5 kW | Capacity: 15, 30 or 45 kWh
  • 100 % depth of discharge with no effect on lifetime

Dimensions and weight:

  • CS 5/15: 1,21 x 0,80 x 1,74 m | 1,550 kg
  • CS 5/30: 2,00 x 0,80 x 1,92 m | 2,750 kg
  • CS 5/45: 2,00 x 1,17 x 1,94 m | 4,000 kg


  • Ventilation or air exchange of ≥ 3 m3/h

Maintenance and product warranty:

  • Annually | Warranty: 12 months
  • Service contract available on request for warranty extension

Energy Systems