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Upgrade your systems!

Upgrade: Exhaust Volume Flow Controller

The use of an exhaust volume flow controller ensures a constant exhaust flow even in the case of fluctuations in the company exhaust system. This results in a more stable process with regard to chemistry consumption. The security of the operator is increased as well.

Upgrade: Water Mask

When protecting the wafer top side by a film of preheated water (up to 50°C) the edge isolation is carried out only with a minimum of chemistry overflow over the edge onto the wafer top side An individual wetting for every track because of pressure differences is possible by setting the opening intervals for the solenoid valve of every single track. A urther advantage of the patented water mask is the increased etching rate due to the preheated wafer, which again results in a higher throughput.

Upgrade: Optimized Transport Roller

By using the optimized transport roller the one-sided etching for edge isolation takes place with a minimum of chemistry overflow over the edge onto the top side of the wafer. The chemistry consumption is decreased and a homogenous etching result is obtained.

Upgrade: Harder squeegee rollers

By using the new and harder squeegee rollers the drag-out can be reduced by 50%, thus reducing the rinse and waste water consumption by approx. 20 %. Since the new squeegee rollers are much easier to clean, the lifetime of the rollers is increased as well. The old squeegee rollers (soft rollers) can be easily replaced.

Upgrade: Optical Reflection Measuring Device

With the support of the reflection measuring device developed by SCHMID wafers are checked in the outlet immediately after the texturing process. This in-line process monitoring ensures a consistently high quality of the textured wafers. Any changes in the process are immediately noticed, thus enabling a quick reaction to it. As a result improvements of earnings in general can be achieved.

Upgrade: Holding-Down Shafts without O-Rings

Holding-down shafts newly designed without Orings are used now. These do not leave marks on the wafers. In addition, the modified conveyor allows easy cleaning of the shafts. Therefore, organic pollution of the wafers by the transport system is excluded.

Upgrade: MES – SECS/GEM-Interface

SECS/GEM interfaces (device communication interfaces) realize the connection between the line and the (MES – Manufacturing Execution System). Production and system data, alarms, process values, process parameters, etc. are transferred via SECS/GEM standard and processed and evaluated by an MES.

Upgrade: Conductivity Measuring System

By using a conductivity measuring system the dragout from the process module is monitored. Thus the process stability in the cascade rinse module is ensured. Furthermore, the operating costs can be lowered by reducing the rinse water consumption. Among other things a constant rinse water quality is a guarantee for a consistently high cell efficiency.

Upgrade: Exhaust Volume Flow Controller 排气流量控制器

使用排气流量控制器可确保即使在外围排气系统不稳定的情况下仍有稳定排气流量。 这使得在化学消耗方面有更稳定的工艺。同时也保证了操作员的安全。

Upgrade: Water Mask 水膜


Upgrade: Optimized Transport Roller 用于单面边缘隔离的传送滚轮


Upgrade: Harder squeegee rollers 硬质挤水滚轮


Upgrade: Optical Reflection Measuring Device 光反射测量装置


Upgrade: Holding-Down Shafts without O-Rings 压紧轴

新设计的不带O形圈的压紧轴已经投入使用。 这些轴不会在硅片上留下痕迹。另外,改进的传送装置使得滚轮清洗更加简单。因此,传送系统不会对硅片造成有机

Upgrade: MES – SECS/GEM-Interface 接口

SECS / GEM接口(设备通信接口)实现线路与(MES-制造执行系统)之间的连接。生产和设备数据,警报,工艺值,工艺参数等通过SECS/ GEM标准传输,并通过MES进行处理和评估。

Upgrade: Conductivity Measuring System 电导率测量系统


Update: Air Knife in Dryer

The use of a compressed air operated air knife instead of an air knife with oscillating compressed air nozzles significantly reduces the air consumption. In addition the upgrade is more effective because of the continuous air stream across the entire working width. The compressed air operated air knives are especially suitable for drying problems with drill holes with high Aspect Ratio and Blind Vias. Since there are no moving mechanical parts, the susceptibility to faults is also reduced.

Update: Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump

Through the use of a pneumatic membrane pump, a part of the spent etching solution is pumped out of the module sump before the fresh etchant (replenisher) is added. With feed and bleed processes this prevents the fresh etchant from draining off into the overflow, thus reducing chemistry consumption.

Update: Antistatic Rail

The mounting of an antistatic rail prevents uncontrolled static discharges of the printed circuit board, which have a negative effect on the components and cause rejects. The antistatic rail increases the process reliability, in particular in case of embedded components.

Update: Brush System BON/BUN-2

The use of a further brush seat ensures shorter brush changing times, since a second brush can be mounted on a further brush seat already in advance. This allows for a more comfortable and rapid assembly of the new brush as well as a significant reduction in the downtime.

Update: Cascade with Conductivity Measuring System

The use of a conductivity measuring system enables a constant check of the rinse water quality. By monitoring the chemistry drag-out from the process module, the rinsing quality in the cascade rinse module is ensured, in particular in the last cascade. The consumption of the rinse water can be adapted to the corresponding conductivity value. The conductivity measuring system thus helps to reduce the consumption of rinse water and to save costs.

Upgrade: Elofast Filter Backwashing

With the Elofast filter backwashing the chemistry in the filter is replaced by rinsing water. This allows for a more service-friendly filter change thanks to less ammonia odor nuisance.

Upgrade: ESD-Transport

Uncontrolled static discharges of the PCB impair the process reliability in so-called dry modules such as input and inspection module, dryer and output module.
Sensitive components can be damaged by static charges and subsequently rejects are generated.

Upgrade: Frame Tracking

With the help of RFID a better control of the PCB manufacturing process and a complete reproducibility of the process data are made possible. Here the transport frames are identified while passing through. By collecting the transport frame ID, it is always possible to call up which frame currently passes through the system and how many cycles it has already passed. The tracking with process data assignment also allows an optimization of the process parameters as well as an improvement of the maintenance planning for the transport frame.

Upgrade: Glass Lid with UV Protection

Uncontrolled exposure of the resist can be prevented by applying a UV protection on the glass lid in the developer. This results in a significantly higher yield. Optionally, a plastic cover across the input module provides additional exposure protection.

Upgrade: LED Lamps for AZM

The conversion to 24 V LED energy saving lamps is accompanied by a reduced energy consumption and an increased service life. In addition, the fire protection measures can be further improved with LED lamps in 24 V technology.

Upgrade: Level Monitoring of Floor Tray

Sensors are used for the floor tray to detect the accumulated liquid in the floor tray at an early stage of leakage and to alert the operator accordingly. Depending on the contents of the floor tray the safety in the operation area can also be increased.

Upgrade: Monitoring the Rotation of the Drum Filter

Using a sensor enables the immediate detection when the drum of the drum filter is no longer rotating and is consequently no longer filtering. The process reliability of the stripper is increased, disturbances caused by nozzle clogging or excessively loaded stripping solutions are avoided.

Upgrade: Motor-Operated Throttle Valve

By integrating a motor-operated throttle valve in the exhaust of process modules, the concentration and the temperature of the chemistry can be maintained for a longer period of time. This saves energy for maintenance of both temperature and water concentration. The energy balance of the machine significantly improves.

Upgrade: Pressure Measuring System for Cascades

The use of the pressure measuring system permits monitoring of the spray pressure in cascade rinses as well as a better process control. Both a continuous monitoring of the spray nozzles and the monitoring of the upstream filters for clogging are thereby made possible.

Upgrade: Redox Sensor

By using a redox sensor with potential equalization and temperature compensation matching results between laboratory and system measurements in operating state can be obtained. Temperature-related measurement deviations are avoided.

Upgrade: Reduction of Slot Size between Process and Rinse Module

The reduction of slot size between the process module and the rinse module makes it possible to reduce the drag-out of chemistry. Thus the water consumption in the rinse is reduced and costs can be saved. This also reduces the effort for wastewater treatment.

Upgrade: Soft Starter to Protect the Flowmeters with Float

The hydraulic load to the of pipings and flowmeters with float is significantly reduced by the soft start of the process pumps. The use of a soft starter thus protects the components and thus increases their service life and durability.

Upgrade: Sound Protection in the Dryer

The acoustic emissions during machine operation can be reduced by at least 3-5 dB (A) by mounting a special sound protection hood. Compared to the initial situation, a reduction of the sound pressure level is possible up to 50 %, depending on the equipment of the dryer module and the ambient conditions on site.

Upgrade: Water and Compressed Air Rinsing for Drum Filter

A combination of water and compressed air for cleaning the drum of resist sludge allows a much more effective cleaning. This has a positive effect on the stability of the process, in particular the use of compressed air for cleaning the drum filter leads to less dilution of the process chemistry.

Upgrade: Water Drip Pipe in Front of Etcher

Deposits on the conveyor system components are reduced by using a replenisher/water drip pipe in front of alkaline or Fe2Cl3 etchers. The clean rollers generate less wear and tear and avoid an impairment of process quality and contamination of circuit boards. In addition, the maintenance intervals for the system get extended.

Performance Auditing
Only with rational production processes and a high level of machine efficiency your performance capabilities are completely up to date to put you at a competitive advantage. With a performance audit of today‘s requirements, we can show you what potential for improvement is available in your machine.

Thanks to our extensive possibilities for modifying your machine, you can effectively react to changes in your product and customer requirements, without having to invest too soon in new machinery.

Function Enhancement
Together with our experienced team you can develop ideas for upgrading your machine to improve its performance. By installing additional modules and components or by applying new control and automation technologies functions can be considerably expanded.

Key Benefits

  • Individual operating requirements are easily to adapt
  • You have full use of the knowledge from our research technology centers
  • Upgrading increases both value and performance
  • Operating costs are saved and the output increased

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