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SCHMID Spare Parts
We have around 60,000 different items in stock to ensure fast and reliable shipping of spare parts to meet your demands. Due to the close cooperation with various logistics providers and courier services we are able to supply several countries within only a few hours.

Wear Parts Package
Worn parts must be replaced by new ones at certain intervals in order to maintain the accustomed productivity level of the system. By purchasing a spare parts package you prevent longer downtime periods.

Spare Parts Package
The spare part package contains all critical spare parts as well as spare parts with long delivery times to ensure the availability of your machine. When drawing up quotations for customers, you can be ensured of our well-founded technical know-how.

Parts Repair Service
Our parts repair service makes a cost-efficient and fast repair of defective parts possible. The objective is to restore the accustomed functionality of the components to enable the continued use of overhauled parts.

Key Benefits

  • SCHMID original spare parts ensure accustomed performance
  • Machine downtimes are reduced
  • Fast and reliable delivery of parts worldwide
  • Individual expert advice as well as for older machine series

Installation is carefully planned and professionally executed on time by our qualified service
team to provide best productivity.

Equipment is set up into operation step-by-step by our specifically trained service technicians
in order to guarantee trouble-free optimum function of the system from the very beginning.

Components of the machine and control system are fine-tuned to achieve optimum production
results under actual production conditions.

A professional briefing ensures fast production maturity. Transferring application-oriented
knowledge increases productivity and minimizes downtimes within a short period of time.

Start-Up Support
Support for operation and maintenance is provided by a professional service technician during
the start-up phase.

Acceptance test and handover of the machine along with all documents required for operation.

Key Benefits

  • Many years of manufacturer experience
  • Application-oriented knowledge transfer
  • Precise adherence to tolerances and high quality demands
  • Optimum system setup

Field Service:
If a service visit is needed you can count on our 150 specifically trained service technicians. They find technical issues quickly and allow fast return to full production.

A thorough inspection by specifically trained service technicians provides a clear view on the state of your Equipment. In cooperation with your employees on-site we compile an action plan for maintenance, overhaul, spare parts and whatever is needed to support your production targets.

General Overhaul:
With a general overhaul by our experienced service technicians, you can give your machine a new lease of life. An overhaul of your production system is a very good alternative to purchasing new equipment, when the objective is to upgrade the performance of the machine to the latest technical level.

Relocating our technical systems requires a great deal of care and precision, in order to maintain the accustomed productivity of the system.

Key Benefits

  • Qualified and experienced service technicians
  • Fast and professional solution of technical issues
  • High production quality is assured
  • The value is maintained / the requirement for new investments reduced
  • Reduced maintenance cost

The efficient use of SCHMID production equipment and therefore the profitable manufacturing depend to an important degree on the skills and knowledge of the operation and maintenance staff. The SCHMID Training Program qualifies your workforce to operate and maintain the equipment.

The training program transfers operation and maintenance knowhow for each individual equipment. These contents are transferred within up to 6 course levels depending on equipment complexity. The training program is executed by certified technical Trainers and experienced specialists with proven training abilities. Practical training counts for 50 – 90 % of course duration. The application of latest training methods and tools guarantee a quick and highquality knowledge transfer.

Key Benefits

  • Knowledge transfer of expert know-how
  • Individual trainings
  • Hands-on training
  • CTT+ certified trainer team
  • Certification for attendees
  • Long term improvement of productivity and uptime

Consecutive Training Levels
The Training level concept extends from basic training up to professional levels. To provide our knowledge to the broadest possible range of participants, the trainings are based on each other. We give your operators the necessary skills to keep up, adapt and improve your production flow. Just as we give your maintenance staff the ability to keep up a good production condition and the necessary safety.

Experienced and certified trainer team
The Trainer Team covers a broad range of technologies and machines. Trainings are conducted by certified technical trainers who provide our trainings in German, English and for some machines in Chinese.

Technical Helpline: 
Our experienced consultants are available in the office worldwide when it matters not to lose any time with machine disturbances. Both experienced technicians and engineers are involved to deal with your inquiries and provide professional support.

Remote Service:
Latest network technologies provide fast and flexible access to your machines. In connection with our global information system we can detect failures and find the necessary actions without adding the cost of service technicians.

24/7 Support:
With a customized 24/7 technical support you have the opportunity to contact us at any time. The possibilities of services range from technical telephone support and remote service to provision of a service team or spare part shipping around the clock.

Key Benefits

  • Minimum reaction times and costs
  • Maximum utilized capacities
  • Skilled troubleshooting
  • Individual adjustment to customer requirements

If you need and support please contact our service team to any time via or by phone:


SCHMID Systems Inc.
+1 (651) 714 8402

SCHMID Automation (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
+86 (756) 892 2000

On-Site Manager
The detailed planning of large projects is not the sole guarantor for its successful realization. Our experienced specialists dedicate themselves with all their know-how in order to achieve production maturity on time at your production site. They keep track of operations through all phases of the project and serve as your competent contact partner at all times.

On-Site Container
In order to guarantee that operations run as smoothly as possible, we offer an on-site container which is filled with possible essential parts and equipment at the start of the project by our service team. This helps to avoid bottle necks with part deliveries and effectively ensures the progress of the project. In addition, we draw up a logistics concept which shortens the flow of goods at your site to save you time and costs.

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