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InfinityLine – The New Module Generation

Through the use of efficient motors, a minimum consumption of chemicals and water and its long service life the InfinityLine reaches lowest operating costs. Due to the modular design technology upgrades are possible at any time and with little effort. More saving effects arise from the intuitive operation: The InfinityLine can be controlled and monitored with mobile terminal devices such as tablets or via web browser. The visualization of the user-friendly SCHMID Watch allows a comfortable adjustment of the process parameters and an accurate monitoring of all settings.

Depending on the production lot the control automatically sets the parameters required for the processing. In combination with digital pressure sensors and flow meters the InfinityLine ensures constant quality and reproducibility. Based on the few pipings the maintenance area is very clearly arranged and easily accessible. The same applies to the user area: Innovative lid and hood mounts and transparent, crystal clear windows facilitate the daily work.

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The drive concept with main drive shaft and bevel wheel convinces through lowest wear. In addition, it causes an optimum contact pressure and thus the uniform transport of PCBs of the most different thicknesses (40 µm – 6,0 mm).  The effective data management with collection of product and machine data further optimizes the production process and permanently ensures quality.

More than 50 years of experience in wet processes, the best solutions from CombiLine and PremiumLine as well as the latest features equip the InfinityLine to operate as a completely reliable production line. Discover the difference!


Available for following processes:

Cost saving
Proven cascade rinsing for minimum chemistry and water consumption as well
as optimized module lengths and small passage slots for reduced drag-out.

Effective data management
The Infinity Line can be directly connected to the production monitoring system and ensures traceability, since all measured values are digitally recorded.

The modular design enables uncomplicated and inexpensive technology upgrades.

Simple and quick installation
Decentralized control cabinets on each module minimize the wiring effort, thus ensuring a fast putting into service.

Constant quality
The InfinityLine can store product-specific recipes. Depending on the production lot the intelligent control automatically sets the parameters.

Energy efficient
The InfinityLine is compliant to IE4 and already now clearly surpasses the required energy efficiency class IE3.

Very easy to maintain
Reduced wiring, dryer blower with drawer, drive shaft on the operator side or service-friendly
covers and doors – maintenance and cleaning work have never been easier.

Maximum availability
Safe transport and long-term production reliability through high-quality materials, low-wear drive
and intermediate plates that compensate the thermal expansion of the modules.

High level of safety at work
The rear wall across the whole line with status light separates the operator area from the service and
chemistry area. Intelligent sensor technology for glass covers and filter housings provides additional safety.

Absolutely user-friendly
The visualization of SCHMID Watch allows a comfortable setting and monitoring of all process parameters – directly on the control panel, with mobile terminal devices or via web browser.