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With the electroless copper process the PCB normally passes through a total of five process steps to obtain the desired coating thickness of 0.5 µm and more. Depending on the individual process an accelerator level can be integrated if necessary. For an optimum copper deposition in the bore hole maintenance-free fluid jet systems are applied.

  • No copper plate-outs due to vacuum-formed module tanks without welding seam
  • Reduced costs for cleaning and make-up chemistry due to decreased volume of process bath
  • Maintenance-free fluid-jet systems for the treatment of blind vias and PTH with high aspect Ratio
  • Fully automatic cleaning sequence with external storage of the electroless copper bath, rinsing cycles and integrated make-up of the etchant inside the module
  • Flexible transport system for rigid circuits, inner layers and flexible circuits
  • Modules of PVC and white PP, available in lengths from 250 to 3000mm