FlexBlue Sputtering

Vacuum deposition is the best solution for the roll to roll coating of flexible materials. And it is the unbeatable alternative compared to the coating with dilutions, whether you produce FPCB, Touchpanels, FlexDisplays or Window Films.

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The FlexBlue machine is designed and built for the single side, uniform vacuum sputter deposition of different metal and non-metal layers. The film is applied onto flexible substrates from roll to roll in a batch type process. With its both side motor-driven move-out sections the FlexBlue provides an operator-friendly design for loading and unloading the substrate rolls, as well as for process maintenance.

  • Advanced deposition tool for lowest production cost
  • Compact design with minimized footprint
  • Easy setup and maintenance access at open chamber
  • Batch system capacity highly flexible to match existing line capacity
  • Ten cathode design adaptable for multilayer stack coatings
  • Cathode design adaptable to best match required coating width
  • Enables high track pitch resolution and reduces chemical waste in FPCB production