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EverFlow® Large Scale Storage – A turnkey solution
Energy storage anytime, anywhere.

The EverFlow® Large Scale Storage solution is optimum for:

  • Minimum power of 200kW or more  and large energy contents (kWh)
  • Intermediate storage of very large amounts of energy from e.g. photovoltaic or wind farms
  • Storage solution for districts or appartment buildings

The SCHMID Energy Systems GmbH offers stationary energy storage solutions for your PV or wind farm based on the powerful vanadium redox flow technology.
Using the EverFlow® Large Scale Storage in order to store excess energy and then feed it back into the grid later (balancing power or grid stabilization). This also makes it possible to reduce losses/profits due to networ operatero controlled shutdowns in order to stabalize the grid.

SCHMID Energy Systems will support you from the start of the project with planning and integration the perfect energy storage system for your application – optimoum scaling and configuration of power and energy content based on a simulation model developed by ourselves. With our long-term partners, we have experience in EPC for complex facilities and would be happy to assist you in realizing your Large Scale Storage solution.

With more than 50 years of experience in equipment manufacturing for wet processes SCHMID offers robust and powerful storage solutions, so that you have full control of your energy at all times.

EverFlow® Large Scale Storage
Energy storage anytime, anywhere.

  • Attractive price
    With the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) an extremely attractive €/kWh price can be realized due to its long lifetime, cycle resistance and deep discharge capability without any consequences. Furthermore there is almost no degradation as compared to other battery technologies such as Lead-Acid or Li-Ion batteries. No yearly upgrading is necessary to keep the same power or energy content.
  • Independence
    Use the EverFlow® Large Scale Storage solution to buffer large amounts of energy produced at a low price thanks to PV or Wind, rather than letting your PV- or Wind-Plants be regulated down by grid operators. Then simply feed the stored energy back into the grid later.
  • All in one Solution
    SCHMID’s Large Scale Storage includes the battery management system, three-phase inverters (and if necessary also with a climate control system). Everything is installed in a turnkey unit (including the building if necessary) at your defined site and put into operation.
  • Integrated | Plug & Play
    For planners and project developers we are the perfect supplier for a storage solution based on Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries. The open interface of our Battery Management System (BMS) enables an effective communication to your individual energy management system.
  • Flexible scalability
    The EverFlow® Large Scale Storage battery is configured according to your required power and energy content. We advise to increase the power output in steps of 15kW in order to save costs (one battery inverter is capable of handling 3 stacks each 5kW). The energy content will be defined by the size of the tanks, so here there are almost no limitations.
  • One System, multiple applications
    The Large Scale Storage solution can be used in various applications such as grid stabilization, load management or shifting energy from day (e.g. produced by PV) tonight. Various parameters can be set according to your application. Further information on the possible applications please click on the following link: Examples Applications
  • Expendable
    After installation you notice, that you still have excess energy or the power is not enough. In order not to waste any energy an extension of the tanks is possible. Or if more power is required, additional power converter units (stacks) can be added.
  • Intrinsically safety
    The customer does not have to worry about safety. Due to more then 50 years of experience in manufacturing wet process systems SCHMID has the required know-how for the constructive measures in order to ensure the maximum safety possible. The EverFlow® energy storage systems are neither flammable nor potentially explosive unlike alternative available energy storages.
  • Lasting value | Durable technology
    The EverFlow® Large Scale Storages are designed according to the Eco-Design and repairable. Thus we achieve a service life of up to 20 years with the EverFlow® energy storage.  The electrolyte keeps its lasting value even beyond.

Supplying power and energy to complex industrial facilities or residential districts require an optimal configuration of an energy storage system. For large scale applications with a minimum capacity of 200kW and more we assist in planning the optimal configuration, integration and commissioning.

Please note, we recommend power increases in 15kW steps due to the installed battery inverter which can handle three stacks at once.

The energy content is adapted according to your requirements by up- or down-scaling the tanks.

Energy Systems