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Perfect wafer surfaces at the lowest process costs

Acid texturing is applied with multi-crystalline wafers. In this process, the impurities and damages incurred in the sawing process are removed. At the same time the surface of the wafer is enlarged. The isotropic surface texture reduces the reflection and thus decisively influences the cell efficiency.

SCHMID’s Acid Texturing Inline Sytem achieves perfect surface qualities. Every single component embodies more than 40 years of the market leader’s experience in wet processing. Frequency-controlled pumps ensure a continuous circulation of the chemicals and thus a uniform texturing of the wafers across the entire working width. Together with the automatic dosing and the bath monitoring, the machine operator has full control over the entire process at all times. All measured values are digitally recorded and visualized via the SCHMID Watch operating unit. An optional reflection measuring device at the outlet confirms the reproducibility.

The sophisticated conveyor system ensures low wafer breakage rates. A new generation of squeegee rollers further reduces drag-out significantly. In addition, the multiple cascade technology minimizes the consumption of DI water. Vapors generated above the chemistry baths and in the tank are efficiently extracted through the exhaust system. Thanks to the modular design of the inline system, throughput and process steps can be adapted to customers’ needs.

  • Gentle wafer handling without transport damage
  • Process control by automatic dosing and bath monitoring
  • Continuous circulation of chemistry for maximum reproducibility
  • Low water and chemistry consumption
  • High operating safety thanks to safety installations and efficient exhaust system
  • Very good accessibility for service and maintenance work


  • 3600 wafers/h (5 tracks)
  • 7200 wafers/h (10 tracks)
  • Further throughputs configurable

Wafer size:

  • 156 – 161.7 mm

Breakage rate:

  • < 0.1 %

Process media:

  • HNO3
  • HF
  • KOH
  • HCL


  • Optional Loader and Unloader