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Efficient texturing of mono-crystalline wafers

Alkaline texturing is applied with mono-crystalline wafers. It removes the contamination and damage caused by the sawing process. The uniform, pyramid-shaped surface reduces the reflection and thus decisively influences the cell efficiency.

SCHMID’s Alkaline Texturing Inline Sytem achieves perfect surface qualities with reflection values of less than 12 %. SCHMID closely cooperates with leading chemical  suppliers  so that ready-to-use chemical solutions are available. A special sprinkling device irrigates the wafers very gently. The continuous exchange of the etching medium results in  shortest process times.

Together with the automatic dosing and the bath monitoring, the machine operator has full control over the entire process at all times. At its end the low-noise dryer module Dry Jet with its energy-efficient side channel blower provides for uniformly and spotlessly dried wafers.

Service and maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily. All components are easily accessible. The transport rollers can be removed with just one action. The sophisticated transport system can do without a top roller. So there are no run marks. Thanks to the modular design of the inline system, throughput and process steps can be adapted to customers’ needs.

  • Gentle and damage-free inline transport of the wafers
  • Homogeneous pyramid structure owing to equal process conditions for all wafers
  • IPA-free process
  • Process control by automatic dosing and bath monitoring
  • Long bath life for up to 1 million wafers by Feed and Bleed
  • Very good accessibility for service and maintenance work


  • 2,200 wafers/h (5 tracks)
  • 6,600 wafers/h (10 tracks)
  • Further throughputs configurable

Wafer size:

  • 156 – 161.7 mm

Breakage rate:

  • < 0.1 %

Process media:

  • KOH
  • Additives


  • Loader and Unloader
  • Integrated pre-cleaning
  • Integrated rearside polishing