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In recent years SCHMID has developed several equipment for the production of bifacial solar cells. This cell type absorbs light and generates electricity on both surfaces and achieves up to 30 % higher yield than conventional cells, if suitably installed in open areas or flat roofs.bifacial-cell-technology-2SCHMID’s Bifacial Cell Technology

  • Bifacial cell looks similar from both sides
  • Front: collecting emitter / Back: back-surface-field (BSF)
  • Grid-shaped electrodes on front and back
  • Can be interconnected using standard stringer technology (5BB or multiwire)
  • Module rear side: transparent back-sheet or glass
  • Rear light collection increases energy yield up to 30 %

Bifacial cells can be either adapted for monocrystalline material (PERC) or for multicrystalline material (PERT).

  • Up to 30 % higher energy harvest than a conventional module
  • Best CoO in benchmark
  • Complete process out of one hand
  • Smart process sequence with proven production equipment