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A large part of the red light (long wave) penetrates conventional solar cells without power generation. Since the introduction of PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology this light is exploited as well: A dielectric layer on the back of the cell reflects the light which penetrates through to the rear side without generation of charge carriers. The photons thus obtain a “second chance” to generate electricity. Consequently the efficiency of the solar cell increases.

SCHMID’s PERC Solution:

  • High efficiency by passivation on mono material
  • NOx free backside polishing
  • Selective emitter → higher efficiency
  • TinPad to reduce Ag consumption in cell production and to increase efficiency. Sn-busbars will not affect or penetrate the Al-BSF
  • Smart process by proven equipment
  • Reconfigurable for bifacial
Alkaline TexturingSE JETEdge Isolation + PSG Etching
  • Perfect rear side preparation
  • Easy integration
  • Best CoO
  • High efficiency