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Based on n-type material PERL cells have a long life expectancy and achieve an efficiency potential of 25 %. Combined with the per se bifaciality of this cell architecture up to 40 % higher energy harvest in PV installations can be achieved. The simple manufacturing process based on the SCHMID co-diffusion leads to best of class conversion costs.

SCHMID’s PERL Bifacial Cell Technology:

  • High efficiency by passivation on n-type mono material
  • Bifacial concept featuring over 30 % more energy yield
  • Just one temperature step for both phosphorus and boron deposition minimizes stress for the wafers
  • Lowest process times
  • Simple line configuration by proven equipment
  • Transparent back-sheet or glass on module rear side
  • Same cost of ownership as for PERC cells
Wet BenchAPCVDWet BenchAPCVDDiffusion
Texturing & polishingPSG formation BSFEdge isolation & etch back rear sideBSG formation emitterBoron & Phosphorus Co-diffusion


  • Efficiency potential of 25 %
  • Greatly reduced recombination
  • n-type for long durability
  • Bifacial technology for higher energy harvest
  • Smart process sequence with proven production equipment