In this combined printing and etching process the high phosphorous doping on the cell is selectively etched and maintained only there where contacts are printed subsequently. For this purpose a wax mask is applied in inkjet printing.

All further process steps like etching and wax stripping are covered by the wet bench equipment. For the best possible cost benefit the system can include modules for edge isolation and PSG etching.

  • Selective Emitter design leads to drastic reduction of electrical losses on the front side
  • Cell efficiency increases by up to 0.4 %.
  • Notable yield increase is possible by efficiency increase
  • Simple inline integration of inkjet printing and downstream processes such as edge isolation and phosphorous glass etching
  • Process cluster with throughput of 2.200, 4.400 or 6.600 wph available
  • Excellent process stability in mass production
  • Simple upgrade of existing lines