Thin-layered cells are used as an alternative to crystalline silicon cells, which are divided into different cell types: amorphous or micro-crystalline thin-film silicon cells; thin-film cells based on cadmium telluride; and CIGS (a combination of copper, indium, gallium, sulphur and selenium). SCHMID supplies processing equipment for cleaning the substrate and for improving the adhesion of the protective layers.

Process Solutions for Thinfilm Photovoltaics

In thin film solar technology, the deposition of the semiconductor takes place on a glass substrate – compared to crystalline solar technology. The conductive layer is about 100 times thinner than in crystalline technology. Commercial-scale production focuses on c-Si (crystalline silicon) and thin-film technology. SCHMID has already installed thin-film equipment – wet processes, thermal processes / furnaces and automation for CdTe, CIGS and GaAs – for more than 5 GW. The largest manufacturers of thin film solar modules are among these customers.

SCHMID offers equipment for cleaning, etching and thermal processes of various thin-film processes. Each machine is customized.


CdTeGlass Cleaning

Post Process Clean

KCN Etching

CdCl2 Etching

NP Etching

Activation Furnace
GaAsSubstrate CleaningDevelop & Strip


Mesa Etching


CdCl2 Etching

 Glass Sintering