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After the wire sawing process the wafers are cleaned very gently with the flushing lances. The cleaning agent is led through the lances into the interior channels of the beam.  The lower side of the channels has been cut by the wire in the previous sawing step. The cleaning agent is now flushed through these kerfs in between each individual wafer and achieves a uniform full surface cleaning.

After precleaning and singulation the wafers enter a final cleaning step. wafers are processed through several cleaning steps by a horizontal inline transport system.

By combination of chemical and mechanical cleaning and low water consumption an ideal cleaning result is achived at very low cost of ownership at the same time.

  • Innovative lance cleaning system to guarantee all over cleaning of every single wafer
  • Low consumption data because of the lance cleaning system and media circulation
  • Low breakage rate because of gentle, pressure-free cleaning system/Very good cleaning result guarantees reduced consumption and process times in the following cleaning level
  • Very effective cleaning of the surface, no residues on the surface identifiable
  • Low concentration of metal and organic compounds on the surface of 10^14 atm/cm²
  • Prepared for diamond wire cut Wafers
  • Easy to maintain because of good accessibility