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Precision curing and drying applications

Utilizing cutting edge thermal processing technologies in a configuration optimized for the latest metallization pastes, excellent contact characteristics and thus superior fill factor are achieved with SCHMID firing furnaces.

SCHMID holds exclusive rights to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) advanced hydrogenation process integrated into firing furnaces used to produce PERC cells. The UNSW advanced hydrogenation process reduces LID of PERC cells by >95%.

  • Max. heat-up rate of 80°C/sec
  • Max. cool-down rate of 70°C/sec
  • Pre-heated supply air covers entire surface
  • Side lamps in the fired zone ensure homogenous temperature distribution
  • Lighter feed transport belt reduces energy
  • Quartz supports on the transport belt inside the furnace reduces shadowed areas
  • Automatic belt tension
  • Digital monitoring of supply and discharge air
  • Sater and air cooling with heat exchanger
  • Optional: after-burner
  • Optional: stand-offs

Atmosphere Control

  • Effective solvent removal with precision controlled exhaust system
  • Digital flow inlet features available


  • Max operating temperature = 250°C


  • Belt Widths: 6-48 inches
  • Belt speed range:  1 – 100 inches per minute
  • In-line versions available for belt sharing with conveyor furnaces