Smart Factory

Future manufacturing will benefit from intelligent automation. While robotics has been widely implemented in manufacturing plants, the next level of automation will combine robotics with intralogitics and the entire system will be managed by intelligent software, which manages the factory and integrates the machines and automation on the shop floor into MES and ERP systems.

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SCHMID Smart Factory provides the best in class automated production lines. Using our extensive experience in high end electronics and PV manufacturing, we provide a portfolio of automated products for the Smart Factory.

It consists of three main products:

  • Traditional loading and unloading systems for SCHMID process equipment
  • Single panel handling for high end PCB and substrate manufacturing and
  • montrac® intralogistics for cluster and factory automation.

Using the modular components of the SCHMID portfolio allows our customer to find a dedicated optimized solution to their specific automation requirements. All systems that we deliver are Industry 4.0 ready.


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  • Fully automated material transport and handling
  • Smart manufacturing (sophisticated automation in production) of products through the factory
  • Maximized overall equipment availability
  • Minimum operator intervention to maximize yield
  • Full traceability for reliable product tracking


  • Flexible routing technology
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Profitability/efficiency
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Fast transport at 55 m / min
  • Quiet transport with low noise level motors
  • ESD proof
  • Shock-free transport