The SCHMID group works with high-performance suppliers in nearly all countries around the world. We need the supply with varied materials and services for several million Euro yearly from our partners.

Become our partner – we purchase sustainably

In order to promote our company’s success and continuously to meet the demands of our customers, we focus on the following features of our suppliers:

Quality responsibility
Your quality philosophy is based on the basic principles of continuous improvement in quality, costs, delivery date and service.

Cost responsibility
An essential component of our cost calculation is based on the prices of our suppliers. Therefore, we expect competitive conditions by continuous exploitation of cost reduction potentials.

Safe Deadlines
High flexibility, short delivery times, reliability and problem solving skills are among your strengths.

We assume a partnership in conjunction with an open and constructive communication and creativity and innovative capacity.
Our goal is a mutual growth with our suppliers based on long term contracts.

Environmental protection
The SCHMID Group attaches great importance to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the economical use of resources and the application of the latest technologies.

For our production we have the constant need for the following goods and services. Our range of pruchased products:

  • Processed parts: assemblies, assembly, module assembly, component manufacturing, plastic moldings
  • Machines, aggregates: pumps, fans, temperature control and cooling systems, filters, blower
  • Vacuum technology: fittings, valves, flanges, gaskets, vacuum chambers
  • Drive Technology / Electrical and Electronic Components: motors, transformers, power supplies, camera systems, sensors, instrumentation, control, electric heaters
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic: valves, valve terminals, control
  • Equipment: automation, measurement and control technology, process technology, analytics
  • IT needs: hardware, software, network Equipment
  • Services: cabinet, cable assembly, installation, commissioning, design, hardware and software, cleaning, surface finishes
  • Packaging material and services: packaging timber, foils, pallets, freight
  • Logistics: trucks, special, air freight, ocean freight
  • Screws and accessories: screws, nuts, washers
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Raw materials and supplies: plastic semi-finished products, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, chemicals, oils, adhesives