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KSG orders DES line with New Etching Options

20.12.2016 | RSS Feed

  • The German PCB specialist KSG Leiterplatten GmbH is expanding its capacity by a DES line from SCHMID. Thanks to the newly developed vacuum etching, the etching process achieves constantly more uniform etching results

An etching speed increased by up to 25 %, line/space structures of less than 50 μm and etching factors greater than 6: With the New Etching Options SCHMID enables an etching process with qualities that were considered hard to achieve until recently. For both differential etching and conductor track etching.

To achieve this, SCHMID optimized the transport system as well as the nozzle equipment and reinvented the vacuum etching. “With our new vacuum technology, we achieve maximum availability. Our vacuum never collapses. For the system it does not matter whether it sucks in etching medium or air, ” explains Heiko Lang, SCHMID’s Sales Director in Electronics, and adds: “Recently, we have installed the first DES line with this technology. It fulfilled all the specifications at the first attempt.”

In addition to quality and availability, especially flexibility was important to the PCB specialist KSG. “Every day we manufacture about 150 customer orders of highly complex PCB types. This is why we needed a flexible etching system which can be adjusted quickly. The new SCHMID module system will bring us major advantages,” says Ralph Fiehler, Head of Development / Process Planning at KSG. The family company has ordered the New Etching Options based on the SCHMID InfinityLine.

For an exact traceability the new module system records all measured values digitally. Depending on the production lot the intelligent control automatically sets the parameters. In addition, SCHMID further designed its new module system to be more maintenance-friendly and further reduced the drag-out. For the wide-ranged product portfolio of KSG, the system disposes of a flexible transport suitable for panel thicknesses ranging from 0.040 to 3.2 mm. Start-up of the DES line will take place in the second quarter of 2017.

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