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Module line: Shuttles instead of Conveyors

16.06.2016 | RSS Feed

  • New approach to automation of module production lines
  • SCHMID supplies the complete equipment for the first production line of solar modules in Kirghizia
  • An exhibit can be seen live on the Intersolar Europe: Munich, 22nd to 24th June 2016 (hall A2, booth 160)

NewTech builds the first module production in Kirghizia and uses high-tech equipment made by the SCHMID Group. The technology leader from Germany delivers as general contractor the equipment for an annual capacity of 35 MW. The novelty: instead of conveyors NewTech uses the montrac® transport system to link the individual machines. With over 1,500 installations montrac® counts among the most successful transportation systems worldwide. It has been used since 1996 in a variety of industries. Through further developments SCHMID brings the benefits now also into the production of solar modules.

The transport system montrac® connects the processing stations with mono rails on which shuttles bring the solar modules from one processing station to the next. The configuration of the module line is very flexible, as the mono rail made of aluminum requires little space and the shuttles also drive curves with very small radii. The shuttles are very quiet in operation and provide a vibration-free transport of the solar modules with their special frame made of carbon. In addition, the sensor-controlled safety technology with its auto-stop function detects possible obstacles on the monorail, thus preventing collisions.

A shuttle can always be removed with one hand grip from the production process without stopping the line. So montrac® runs at anytime with no single point of failure, in contrast to an ordinary conveyor belt system. Should one processing station be blocked, the shuttle automatically backs out via bypasses. This possibility leads particularly in the cluster layout to an optimal utilization of the machines. The modular design of the system can always be adapted to changing processes and can be extended at will.

On August 31, the plant in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, will solemnly be inaugurated. Participants will include representatives of the Kyrgyz Government, the German ambassador and Christian Schmid (President of the SCHMID Group), describing the factory as “lighthouse project for whole Central Asia”.

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