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Pioneer in the Industry 4.0

22.03.2016 | RSS Feed

  • SCHMID participates in the ARBURG Technology Days with its transport system.

The ARBURG Technology Days from March 16 -19 in Lossburg focused on the topics production efficiency and Industry 4.0. The latest state of the art in plastics processing was demonstrated with some 50 exhibits. One highlight: The montrac transport system of the SCHMID Group for automated material control between production systems.

“Industry 4.0” stands for intelligent interlinking of the entire value chain. The aim: to simplify, speed up and make the production trouble-free from order to delivery. For this purpose data are collected for each process step, the production process is controlled in real time and is optimized.

During the Technology Days, ARBURG and SCHMID showed with their cooperation, how such an automation of the process chain of injection molding machines works. An ARBURG machine produces injection-molded parts which are removed by a gripper and placed on transport shuttles. The control determines the next transport target to which the shuttles run autonomously through a monorail system. Contrary to the traditional conveyor belt the monorails can be perfectly adapted to spatial conditions. Switches, elevators and curves provide the frequently required flexibility.

The shuttles can transport products weighing up to 50 kg and achieve a transport speed of up to 80 m/min. “Our montrac transport system enables a production in which the individual workpieces pass through production without intermediate storage or buffer,” says SCHMID Managing Director Sven Worm and adds: “Thanks to the intelligent communication and control via infrared we reach a maximum utilization of our customers’ production systems with montrac.”

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