Handelsblatt | Interview with Christian Schmid

November 10, 2018 |  

SCHMID Group, SABIC and RIWAQ announced  their collaboration at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Forum to set up joint ventures in the fields of Energy Storage and Advanced Silicon Mateiral. Christian Schmid spoke to the Handelsblatt about his involvement in Saudi Arabia.

www.sabic.com | SABIC supports SAUDI 2030

October 23, 2018 |  

SCHMID Group, SABIC and RIWAQ announced  their collaboration at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Forum to set up joint ventures in the fields of Energy Storage and Advanced Silicon Mateiral.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Project with children

September 10, 2018 |  

19 trainees and DH students (Cooperative State University) of eight different professions started their training at Gebr. SCHMID GmbH in Freudenstadt on September 1st, 2018. In addition to introductory events in the company and a joint excursion, a social project in the area of Freudenstadt has been on the agenda of the first days of training for some years. This year, the trainees and DH students built so-called “balloon cars” with the kindergarten Freudenstadt-Kniebis.

TÜV Rheinland | Photovoltaics: TÜV Rheinland certifies New-Tek

August 30, 2018 |  

In today’s press release, TÜV Rheinland reports on the certification of the PV module producer New-Tek using the IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission) with new climate test sequences. New-Tek is the first manufacturer in the Central Asian landlocked state Kyrgyzstan to produce PV modules. The factory in the capital Bishkek was built by the PV technology leader SCHMID Group from Germany as general contractor and equipped with its high-tech production systems including state-of-the-art automation.

Plant Automation Technology

August 28, 2018 |  

Plant Automation Technology is a B2B publication that unites buyers, sellers, manufacturers and service providers. The platform talked to COO Helmut Rauch about the SCHMID Group and the field of automation.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Managers work on common role understanding

August 17, 2018 |  

The management shapes a company through its values, behavior and communication. It is a mainstay for achieving the company’s goals and thus for the company’s success. Since March 2016, SCHMID in cooperation with SHS CONSULT GmbH from Bielefeld has been executing a management development program to create a common understanding of its role. On the occasion of the program completion of the third group of participants, the >Schwarzwälder Bote reports about the program and its goals.

Acher- und Bühler Bote | A regional contribution to the energy transition

August 1, 2018 |  

On July 24, a further resident information on the joint project “Hybrid Optimal” with the project partners Stadtwerke Bühl and the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) took place. The occasion of the event was the successful installation of the batteries and the clarification of open questions of the residents. The Acher- und Bühler Bote reports on the explanations of Stadtwerke Bühl on the pilot project in Witstung.

Schwarzwälder Bote | 1200 adolescents visit Top Job in Freudenstadt

July 20, 2018 |  

A total of 84 companies and associations presented themselves at the top job training fair in the “Freudenstädter Kurhaus”. SCHMID was also part of the training fair and presented all technical and commercial training occupations, as well as dual courses in corporation with DHBW, which are currently being offered.

PES Magazine | NOx-free alkaline edge isolation and polishing

May 23, 2018 |  

The latest issue of the Chinese edition of PES magazine reports on SCHMID’s process for alkaline edge isolation and rear side polishing. The article covers the problems of polishing PERC cells, SCHMID’s unique NOx-free process and its benefits, as well as some information on the new module line generation InfinityLine.


Fraunhofer ISE | New production concept for building-integrated solar modules drastically reduces costs

April 16, 2018 |  

In today’s press release, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE reports on the project “BIPV-Fab” realized with SCHMID. In this project, the Fraunhofer ISE and SCHMID investigated possibilities for manufacturing customized solar modules in series production. With the jointly developed production concepts, the costs of building-integrated PV modules (BIPV) can be reduced by 35 percent.

SR (Saarland Broadcasting) | Joint Project OptiCharge

April 11, 2018 |  

As a family business founded in 1864, SCHMID thinks and acts in the long-term and creates sustainable solutions for the future. Therefore, SCHMID participates in the joint project “OptiCharge”, which seeks a solution to the question of sustainable mobility. With the project partners IZES gGmbH as consortium leader, the Saarland University and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, SCHMID is testing a prototype for e-mobility: a solar carport for charging electric vehicles. The surplus of solar energy from the PV system on the carport is stored by a SCHMID EverFlow® Storage Container and kept available for later use.

On the occasion of the official inauguration of the prototype, the SR (Saarland Broadcasting) reported about the project.

PV CellTech | Catching the n-type high speed train

March 16, 2018 |  

After Christian Buchner (Vice President, BU Photovoltaics SCHMID Group) gave his talk on the n-type cell architecture at the PV CellTech Conference 2018 in Penang, Malaysia, he was interviewed by Tom Kenning from the renowned online platform PV Tech. They talked about modern doping technologies, and the reasons why some make their way into mass production while others don’t. According to Christian Buchner, it’s mostly the cost of manufacturing versus the potential efficiency gain that decides.

PCB007 Magazine | SCHMID Looks to the Future for Industry 4.0 and more

March 7, 2018 |  

Patty Goldman (PCB 007 Magazine) interviewed Rüdiger Lange (CSO, SCHMID Group) at the leading PCB trade fair productronica. They discussed current developments of the electronics market as well as SCHMID’s equipment solutions for today’s and future market trends, for instance SCHMID’s InfinityLine V+ for the contactless and safe vertical transport of PCBs and substrates.

Read the full interview >here (Webversion, S. 42) or >here (PDF version)

PV Tech | PV CellTech Talk with Christian Buchner, Vice President BU PV

March 5, 2018 |  

Finlay Colville (PV Tech) recently met up with Christian Buchner (Vice President, BU Photovoltaics SCHMID Group) for an interview ahead of the forthcoming PV CellTech Conference 2018 (March 13-14) in Penang, Malaysia. They discussed the development of photovoltaics in general as well as Christian Buchner’s lecture topic: n-type cells.

BINE | Solar cell uses light from front and back side

February 14, 2018 |  

The information service BINE reports on the research of the Department of Photovoltaics at the University of Constance on the APCVD process (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition). The aim of the researchers was to simplify the production of bifacial solar cells by generating the front and back doping of the cell in one step. For this, they developed a diffusion process based on the APCVD method. They use a new SCHMID Group system for this kind of chemical vapor deposition at atmospheric pressure.

I-Connect007 | SCHMID: Bringing Integrated Solutions to the Market

January 8, 2018 |  

The renowned trade medium I-Connect007 interviewed Laurent Nicolet (Vice President, BU Electronics SCHMID Group) and Demitry Kostouros (Director Substrate Division, BU Electronics SCHMID Group) at the leading trade fair productronica in Munich (Germany). They talked about current innovations such as the InfinityLine V+ and automation solutions of the SCHMID Group as well as new developments which will soon enable the future trends of the electronics industry.

Schwarzwälder Bote | A major contribution to the company

December 22, 2017 |  

On December 15, the general management and personnel management of the SCHMID Group as well as Freudenstadt’s mayor Julian Osswald honored 43 long-time employees of the company for a total of 755 years of staff membership. By the official ceremony the company emphasizes the huge importance of loyalty.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Delegation from Indonesia visited SCHMID

November 22, 2017 |  

Industry representatives and members of the Ministry of Industry visited Gebr. SCHMID GmbH in Freudenstadt on November 16th to learn about production solutions for solar cells and solar modules as well as the company’s energy storage systems. Background of the delegation visit is the plan of the island state of Indonesia to realize a decentralized energy supply with 25 percent photovoltaic portion by 2025.

IST – International Surface Technology | Efficient anodising process using rotation

November 22, 2017 |  

The rotary process for the anodization of aluminum patented by SCHMID meets the strict requirements of the automotive industry with the Chinese specialist for aluminum processing XingLi without the usual post-processing. The JOT reports in its current issue 11/2017 about it.

PES China | “Innovations for a successful future of photovoltaics” and “Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage systems”

November 7, 2017 |  

The renowned Photovoltaics magazine PES China has published two articles about SCHMID.

One regarding our “Innovations for a successful future of Photovoltaics”, including our APCVD systems, the DW PreTex for texturing diamond-wire cut multi-wafers, and our Alkaline Edge Isolation inline system. The latter is the world’s only system for edge isolation operated without any nitric acid (HNO3) that therefore doesn’t generate any nitrogen oxide (NOX). Read the article >here.

The second article refers to our Business Unity Energy Systems and deals with our Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage systems and some of our pilot projects. These show the combination of our systems with a CHP, with a lithium-ion battery as hybrid storage solution and with a photovoltaic system in order to serve as a charging station for electric vehicles as well as the integration into an AC test network for smart grid applications. Read the article >here.

Schwarzwälder Bote | From Black Forest to Central Asia

October 9, 2017 |  

Last week Kyrgyzstan’s ambassador Erines Otorbaev was invited by the parliamentary secretary of state Hans-Joachim Fuchtel to visit Freudenstadt and the Black Forest.

Part of this visit was a company tour at Gebr. SCHMID GmbH last Friday. In 2016 SCHMID delivered as general contractor the high-tech equipment for the first Kyrgyz module production with an annual capacity of 120,000 modules.

Schwarzwälder Bote | BIDA visits SCHMID

September 22, 2017 |  

10 representatives of leading Chinese energy storage and automation companies belonging to the association “SINO – German Bao’an Industrial Development Association” (BIDA) visited the SCHMID Group at its headquarters in Freudenstadt last week.

ALUMINIUM | Chinese anodizer achieves best anodization results with CYKLOS 

September 14, 2017 |    

In its current issue the International ALUMINIUM Journal reports about SCHMID’s CYKLOS system, which achieves best anodization results due to its patented rotary process. Since more than a year, the system is in operation at the Chinese expert for aluminum processing XingLi and meets the strict requirements of the automotive industry without the usual post-processing.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Social project to start apprenticeship

September 8, 2017 |  

16 trainees and DH students (Cooperative State University) of seven different professions started their training at Gebr. SCHMID GmbH in Freudenstadt on September 1st, 2017. In addition to introductory events in the company and a joint excursion, a social project in the area of Freudenstadt has been on the agenda of the first days of training for some years. This year, the trainees and DH students built so-called “insect hotels” with 20 kindergarten children.

TaiyangNews | Market Survey – Wet Etching Equipment 2017

September 1, 2017 |  

In its first market survey on wet-chemical tools the magazine TaiyangNews provides insight into different applications of wet-benches. SCHMID is one of five equipment vendors for standard and advanced cell architectures. Besides the DW PreTex, our inline process for texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi wafers, and the new Alkaline Edge Isolation for NOx free edge isolation and polishing, our top seller Edge Isolation + PSG Etch is an important topic in this survey. It confirms our leading position in wet benches for PV cell manufacturing.

More information >http://taiyangnews.info/reports/market-survey-wet-chemical-benches-2017/

PLUS | Modular options for printed circuit board wet process

August 29, 2017 |  

In its current issue 08/2017, the electronics magazine PLUS reports extensively about the SCHMID InfinityLine and its advantages. The article provides a detailed description of the InfinityLine process modules for developing, etching, stripping and rinsing as well as some information about the NEOs (New Etching Options) of the SCHMID Group which can also be used to retrofit existing plants.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Chinese delegation visits SCHMID

August 14, 2017 |  

Representatives of United Nations Environment China, the University of Cambridge and the China Daily (the largest English newspaper in China) as well as 20 students selected for the 10-day trade mission by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) visited Gebr. SCHMID GmbH in Freudenstadt (Germany) on Wednesday, August 9th.

Schwarzwälder Bote | Franz Untersteller visits SCHMID

August 9, 2017 |  

Franz Untersteller, Member of the Federal State Parliament and Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Environment, Climate and Energy Management, visited SCHMID at its headquarters in Freudenstadt. The focus was a discussion on the photovoltaics market and further potentials of solar and energy storage technology in the course of the energy revolution. The “Schwarzwälder Bote” reports on this in its section “Regional Economics”.

Elektronik | Hybrid works better

June 3, 2017 |  

If the Energiewende is to be successful, energy storage is indispensable. In its latest issue the German magazine Elektronik has analyzed the connection of lithium-ion with Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VFRB). As the pioneer in the development and production of VRFB, SCHMID was able to provide the editorial team with valuable information.

Turnkey Solution: Module production in Kyrgyzstan powered by SCHMID

May 24, 2017 |  

As general contractor SCHMID delivered the complete equipment for a state-of-the-art module production in Kyrgyzstan. There NewTek manufactures annually 120,000 solar modules. A Kyrgyz television channel took a close look at the lighthouse project for all Central Asia.

pv magazine | Making DW multi a reality

May 9, 2017 |  

The most recent development in the competition between multi and monocrystalline has been a major push towards mono. Challenges in texturing diamond wire cut multi wafers have been one of the reasons for this, and SCHMID has stepped up with its DW PreTex solution to solve the problem. Christian Buchner, Vice President Business Unit Photovoltaics for SCHMID Group spoke to pv magazine after picking up the 2017 Technology Highlights award.

You can find the full interview >here.

pv magazine | DW PreTex: Tech for multi revival

April 13, 2017 |  

When the pv magazine jury ranked the entered innovations for the Technology Highlights Award 2017, SCHMID DW PreTex clearly rose “like cream on milk” to the surface. Technology Highlights juror Götz Fischbeck took a closer look and says that with DW PreTex “multi wafer manufacturers can finally capitalize on the cost advantages provided by diamond wire cutting”.

You can find the full report >here.

pv magazine | Technology Highlights Award 2017

April 10, 2017 |  

SCHMID wins the pv magazine Highlights Award 2017. Jury sees DW PreTex as game changer for the photovoltaics industry. The modular wet processing system for the texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi-wafers can easily be integrated into production – either as the final stage in wafer processing or the initial step in cell manufacture.

You can find the full report >here.

pv magazine award | Shaving cents off wafers

March 13, 2017 |  

SCHMID has received the pv magazine award in the categrory “Top Innovation” for its latest development, called DW PreTex. An independent jury of scientists and managers within the PV industry agrees: The inline process for texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi-wafers brings the PV manufacturers significant benefits, expected to be in the range of three to six percent.

You can find the full article >here.

PV-Tech | PV CellTech Talk with Dr. Christian Buchner

March 1, 2017 |  

At the PV CellTech 2017 conference in Malaysia, the top 20 cell manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes exchange their latest findings. As a technology leader, SCHMID was already a sought-after source last year. Now, on 14 and 15 March 2017, the conference will be held again. Dr. Christian Buchner, head of the business unit Photovoltaics at SCHMID Group, will be presenting the latest PV equipment. PV-Tech was already able to exclusively talk with Dr. Christian Buchner.

You can find the full interview >here.

Schwarzwälder Bote | SCHMID back in the black

February 1, 2017 |  

The SCHMID Group is back in the black and enters new growth markets. The German daily newspaper Schwarzwälder Bote visited SCHMID at its headquarters in Freudenstadt and notes that the company has kept high its innovative strength even during the crisis. Four business units use many synergies. That pays off. In 2017 SCHMID expects a significant increase in turnover.

Solar TR2016 | SCHMID Pekintas Energy a pioneer in Turkey

January 19, 2017 |  

At SOLAR TR2016 pioneer SCHMID was a sought-after source of information. “We give our little green contribution to the environment,” said Angelo Del ZOTTI from SCHMID Pekintas Energy when asked about the growing PV business in Turkey. Since 2014 the joint venture of the Turkish construction company Pekintas and the SCHMID Group has produced PV modules in Turkey.

ees International | Insights on Vanadium from a Market Player’s Perspective

December 19, 2016 |  

SCHMID Energy Systems develops, produces and distributes stationary energy storage based on the powerful Vanadium Redox Flow Technology. In an interview with ees International Dr Henrik Buschmann gives insights into the potentials of vanadium for energy storage in general and for different market segments in particular, especially the large scale sector. Moreover, he expresses his views on how important energy storage is for emerging markets in order to stabilize and balance the energy.

KPRESS | Inauguration of the first Kyrgyz module production

November 30, 2016 |  

The first Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Abulgasiev and SCHMID President Christian Schmid inaugurated the first Kyrgyz module production. The novelty: instead of conveyors NewTech uses the the transport system montrac® to link the individual machines. SCHMID delivered as general contractor the high-tech equipment for an annual capacity of 120,000 modules. Kyrqyz television station KPRESS reported about the lighthouse project for whole Central Asia.

>More information

PES China | Solutions for the total value chain of photovoltaics

November 11, 2016 |  

In its Asian edition PES has a look at some of the latest solutions that SCHMID offers to the PV industry. New innovations for PERC- und PERT-cells reduce production costs and increase efficiency. In module production the SCHMID transport system montrac® now also shows its advantages that it has proven in other industries already.

CCTV | China’s president visits PV production powered by SCHMID

August 25, 2016 |  

Solarthemen | Dr. Christian Buchner: Europe is important for PV

August 8, 2016 |  

Dr. Christian Buchner, Vice President Business Unit Photovoltaics SCHMID Group, has experienced the ups and downs in the PV sector, which also hit the equipment manufacturers. Solarthemen spoke with him about new business opportunities and Europe as a location for the PV-industry.

DIE ZEIT | Medium-sized companies in China

April 21, 2016 |  

“The hunter must follow the herd. Which markets promise success, what mistakes are the worst? A conversation with three German medium-sized companies, who have taken the road to the Far East. The experienced: Helmut Rauch, Vice President Operations + Human Resources SCHMID Group.

PLUS | New module line generation and innovative etching solutions

January 14, 2016 |  

At the productronica 2015 the SCHMID Group presented its new module line generation InfinityLine for the first time to the international audience. In addition, innovative etching solutions were introduced under the title “NEO” (New Etching Options). These revolutionize the etching result.

pv magazine | Christian Buchner: Revival within the equipment industry

August 17, 2015 |  

Interview: Christian Buchner, Head of Business Unit Photovoltaics at SCHMID, talks with the pv magazine about manufacturing equipment, the multi-busbar technology and manufacturing capacity expansions.