Productronica 2021 showed: Hightech from Freudenstadt is more in demand than ever

Freudenstadt/Munich, November 2021. Missing electronic chips are currently brake shoes in the global economic system. True is: The newer the chip generation in the entertainment electronics or in the car the less the parts. The SCHMID Group in Freudenstadt presented on the Productronica 2021 in Munich, the world’s most important show for the electronics manufacturing, a completely new machine generation, for efficient and resource-conserving production of high-end components and struck home in the branch of trade.

The Corona pandemic clouded also the Productronica Show which takes place every two years as the world’s leading trade fair of the industrial electronics manufacturing. In spite of a clear minus of exhibitors and visitors compared to two years ago, the days of the trade fair stood out for SCHMID by a very well-visited trade booth with qualitatively excellent conversations. The innovative stand design in industrial look was the eye-catcher par excellence, however in the focus of the experts has been the next generation of the printed circuit boards technology developed by SCHMID. Consistent with it, SCHMID presented in Munich for the first time a complete machine generation, which opens entirely new ways to produce high-complex electronic elements. Less consumption of resources with at the same time definitely higher output are the main features of this technology by which SCHMID defend their market leadership in the branch of trade.

„Altogether the Productronica 2021 was probably one of the most successful trade fairs in the history of the SCHMID Group“ summed up Christian Schmid, CEO of SCHMID Group.

„The achievement potential of modern microchips, like for example Apples A15-Platform and usual printed circuit boards do not match anymore nowadays“, explains Christian Schmid. Here new solutions are demanded. „Especially in the field of high technology, the customers who work in the innovative market segments like 5G, automotive and computing value our new developments outstanding. Thus we have been rewarded already on the fair with the first large orders“, told Christian Schmid.

The order books of the high-tech forge in Freudenstadt are not only full, but also the order backlog for the next years is ensured by the planned expansions of leading PCB manufacturers. In business divisions, which have been concerned by short-time work a few months ago, extra shifts are already run in the meantime in order to be able to deliver the ordered machines on time. „SCHMID is definitely again on road to success“ sums up Christian Schmid.