CMP – made by SCHMID

Chemical Mechanical Polishing

The novel large substrate SCHMID chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) line has emerged out of the semiconductor world into printed PCB manufacturing as a critical step for next generation multi-layer boards and substrates. For achieving global surface polishing of plated copper with outstanding uniformity, an always well-defined form factor of the dielectric as well as copper lines, planes and vias is achieved.

Product benefits

Solution for high-end HDI+ and IC substrates with structures down to 2μm

Best in class process which combines material flexibility with leveling uniformity

Field proven solution suited for large substrate sizes up to 25” x 25”

Offers a new universe for PCB design in combination with the SCHMID embedded trace technology


The Oscar type of polishing setup achieves fastest planarization with minimal dishing for all kinds of copper-crystal structures. Along with the Schmid process know how CMP delivers an optimal tribochemical process resulting in a perfect synergy between friction and corrosion. Especially higher density build up with decreasing feature sizes require accurate layer definition.

In particular, in new processes like embedded traces, HAR via filling or mSAP/SAP, CMP is a key to high yield and access to new low DK epoxy materials.

The CMP as a part of the SCHMID embedded trace technology supports all requirements for industry 4.0. Different interfaces to customers MES are available. The web-based HMI allows to run and control the system from different devices.

Technical data

Head: Ø 930 mm, 30-100 rpm, max. 1450 kg, ±15° swing range @ 0-5 rpm

Platen: Ø 1300 mm, 30-100 rpm with cooling structure

Pumps: 2 slurry pumps for separate slurry supply, 0,980 l/min each

Loading & Unloading: manually, dry-in/wet-out

Conditioner: Swing arm type nylon brush

Control: PLC & Touch Screen

Structure: Simple, robust and high rigidity

High uniformity: NU < 10 %

Repeatability: WTWNU < 7 %

Planarisation factor: ~ 2

Removal rate: ~3μm/min

Dishing: <2μm

Working size: Max. 915 mm (36 inch) Ø

Dimensions: 2600x2700x2500 mm (WxDxH)


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